Felted Soaps



Woolly Bar | Felted Soaps | 100% Vegetable Based | Natural Soap |

Get the most out of a bar of soap and ditch that plastic loofah; with felted soap, your soap lasts longer and is an eco-friendly way to cleanse. These super soft felted soaps are made with locally + ethically sourced, locally sourced Suffolk/Hampsire Wool wrapped in super soft luxurious merino wool and sometimes contain combination of alpaca roving for added silky softness. These soaps are all natural, 100% vegetable based, made with sustainably harvested oils + ingredients by Square One Soapworks, made right here in Wisconsin. With the Woolly Bar, you are being mindful of the environment, others and yourself.

Your Woolly Bar is felted with 99% Wisconsin Wool. Wool is naturally an anti microbial and this super soft blend leaves you with an itch free, gentle exfoliant wash. Made by rigorous stimulation of raw wool roving wrapped around the soap with agitation between hot and cold water eventually shrinking the wool to create a washcloth around the soap. Just work a lather out of the bar and squeeze out excess water when the lather runs low. Shrinks with each use. Makes a great foot scrubber when the soap has depleted. Felted soap makes a great lather for shaving and are perfect for kids learning to wash, they even float! Use felted soap everyday, when you travel or just admire it for its beauty and smell. Keep in soap rack to dry throughly from the bottom.

Woolly Bars by Shovel + Spade are Available to Order on Etsy Click Here


Custom Orders are always available.

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