Woolly Bar Felted Soaps


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Woolly Bar | Felted Essential Oil Soaps | 100% Vegetable Based | Natural Soap |

Woolly Bars are a collaboration between Square One Soap Works, LLC and Shovel + Spade. All natural, truly pure and the ultimate zerowaste option for cleansing + exfoliating, 100% biodegradable. A lot handmade soaps are made with fragrance oils, that are loaded with chemicals. Our soaps are handmade with ONLY essential oils, giving you the purest ingredients. Our Woolly Bar makes a luxurious lather, because it is felted with a very lofty wool. Made with a base wool that is locally, sustainably + ethically sourced. Each bar is wrapped with a super soft blend of merino wool roving. 99% Wisconsin wool, where most wool is imported from China.

– S O A P –

Our essential soaps are finely crafted in small scale batches featuring a variety of exclusive scents. Popular favorites include Peace of Mind, Burst of Clarity, Cabin Fever, Waking Luster, Mellowmint to name a few.
100% vegetable based soap*, Handmade in Newton, Wisconsin
Manufactured by Square One Soapworks, LLC

*From organic and sustainably harvested ingredients with a variety of essential oils. Each bar weighs around 5 oz. Limited quantities available of seasonal batches.

– A B O U T –
Wool is naturally antimicrobial and won’t allow bacteria to form or orders to linger. Wool allows for things to breath and with care you don’t have to worry about any funk or goop building up. This super soft blend leaves you with an itch free, gentle exfoliant + mild wash that is convenient and easy to use.

Felted soap is made by wet felting the raw wool roving around the soap to create a seamless luxurious washcloth around the soap. The soap stays in the wool until gone, shrinking with each use and omitting the gooey soap mess most bars leave.

Great for kids learning to wash because they’re super fun and they float! Use felted soap everyday, when you travel or just admire it for its beauty and smell. Stash in a drawer for great smells. Use a collection of bars for a beautiful, eye popping display.

– C A R E –
Soap must rests in soap rack or high away from water source in shower caddy to dry thoroughly. When allowed to dry thoroughly from the bottom one can extend the life of their felted soap. Keep dry between uses, usually takes 24 hrs to dry throughly, depending on season + climate. Towel dry for quicker dry time when you travel. Woolly Bar will gradually shrink as the soap is used. Use wool pad as a scrubby after the soap is gone.

– S H O P –

Woolly Bar is crafted into small scale batches in a variety of exclusive scents listed below. Limited quantities available.  Purchase at local markets + events or order online with Free Shipping : Click Here


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