Other Upcycled Treasures

Materials inspire me to create. What started as upcycled hair clips has grown into embellished booties, hand stitched pouches and French Press Cozys made from upcycled wool sweaters. Always experimenting with loads of new ideas. Everything is one of a kind, so snatch it up if you see it in the shop.

IMG_5965  IMG_5958

Embellished Tiny Booties | Made from reclaimed Boots | Scrap fibers + Upcycled Materials |

These teeny tiny booties are too cute to pass up. Each pair one of a kind and unlike any other. Made from reclaimed boots. Embellished with soft scrap fibers + upcycled materials. Most have functional velcro entry. Easy fix for any outfit. Teach your tiny one about accessorizing and sustainable fashion with these super cute booties that pretty much go with everything!

Just one pair available: Click Here

 IMG_6314 2  pouch

Woolly Pouches | made from Upcycled Wool Sweaters + Reclaimed materials |

These are simple piece envelope style pouches for protecting those valuables and breakable pieces and electronics. Blanket stitched together with reclaimed thread, these pouches are made from upcycled sweaters, needle felted with locally sourced merino wool roving + scrap fibers, finished with a recycled vintage button.

Shop all Pouches Now on Etsy Click Here

IMG_6205 2frenchpress

French Press Cozy | made from upcycled wool sweaters + scrap fibers

These French Press Cozys are sure to be a conversation starter over that morning cup of coffee or tea. It was made from an upcycled felted wool sweater. Wool is a thermal insulator so it will keep that last cup in you press hot till the last drop. The detail was composed entirely with scrap textile pieces + scrap fibers, stitched with reclaimed thread. They are finished with vintage button closures and repurposed elastic for a stretch to variable sizes. Keep the burns at bay and your coffee hot with this sustainably made French Press Cozy.

Crafted to with an elastic/button closure to fit typical 3-4 cup French Press. 32oz. Custom orders are available for larger and smaller sizes.

Available on Etsy Click Here

IMG_1050 2Nature Creature Pins | Hand crafted from found nature treasures

These fun critters pop up at all my shows and fairs. Look for them hiding throughout my displays. They make the best gifts and keep everyone smiling. Created from an extended collection of trail sticks and other treasures gathered from various journeys and adventures.


cardholdersPunch Card Holders | Made from Upcycled Maps | Reclaimed Ribbon + Recycled Book Spines |

With the amount of punch cards one gets for frequent visits, it can be hard to keep track of them all. With the Punch Card Holder, you can keep them organized neatly, in a fun one of a kind piece, that will be sure to get a lot of comments. Maps were meant to be folded and here I have folded them into an accordion style to accommodate 6+ cards. Slide this in your wallet or tuck it in your pocket or purse and never be without your cards again. Measures a little bigger than the size of a business card. Opens to about 16″

Available through Custom Order.

Shop Shove + Spade on Etsy Click Here


Shovel + Spade on Etsy


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