*NEW* Woolly Stash Jars




Woolly Stash Jars | Hand Felted Vessels

Keep your stash or cash concealed and away from the suns rays with this artisan made hand felted stash jar. Keep herbs fresher longer or your favorite tiny treasures hidden, with the unique one of a kind, airtight, insulated Wittle Woolly Jar Sleeve + vintage 16 oz. short/widemouth Mason Jar.

These Wittle Woollys Jars make an awesome gift because each jar has a unique one of a kind marbled look, where no two look the same.

Made with ethically + sustainably sourced Wisconsin Wool. Embellished with scrap fibers and a mix of Midwest Wool blends for a soft feel, and each jar it’s own unique marbled look. With these Wittle Woolly Jars you the have the benefit of the natural insulation of wool and added bonus of a concealed stash + one of a kind look. Not to mention the airtight goodness we all love from mason jars.

Form fitted, your wool jar sleeve stays on tight, giving the glass cushion and your stash natural insulation it craves. Like a warm hug for your favorite friends. Accidents happen and if your stash jar breaks, you still have your heady jar sleeve ready for another jar.

Custom orders are Available in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 24oz + 32 oz. Prices Vary. Jar styles vary. Just “Request a Custom Order” to get started. You get your choice of colors or can send a photo for inspiration. Allow one week for your creation.

All of our Woolly Drink Jars work as a stash jar too! View all ready to ship Insulated Woolly Jars here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/shovelandspade?section_id=14608994