*NEW* Woolly Stash Jars

  Woolly Stash Jars | Hand Felted Vessels Keep your stash or cash concealed and away from the suns rays with this artisan made hand felted stash jar. Keep herbs fresher longer or your favorite tiny treasures hidden, with the unique one of a kind, airtight, insulated Wittle Woolly Jar Sleeve + vintage 16 oz. … Continue reading *NEW* Woolly Stash Jars

* NEW * Woolly Coolly Cans

  WOOLLY Can | HAND FELTED Can Beer Sleeve | 12OZ. | With the Woolly Can, you will definitely know which drink is yours! Made to form fit a standard 12oz. canned beverage, be that beer or soda. With the Woolly Can, your drink will stay super cold as wool is a natural insulator, giving you a cold sip … Continue reading * NEW * Woolly Coolly Cans

Woolly Jars

Woolly Jar | Hand Felted Mason Jar Sleeve | Widemouth Wool Jar Sleeve  | We are all living more consciously of how our daily habits impact the earth. One of the easiest ways to make an impact is to omit single use items. Coffee cups are NOT recyclable. Embrace zero waste to the fullest and add … Continue reading Woolly Jars

Woolly Coolly Bottles

  Woolly Coolly | Marbled Hand Felted Sleeve for Soda or Beer | 12oz. + 24 oz. + Wine Bottle | With the Woolly Coolly Bottle, you will definitely know which beer is yours! Made to form fit short or longneck beer bottles and even those speciality beers and ciders. Perfect for white wine on the … Continue reading Woolly Coolly Bottles

Felted Soaps

Woolly Bar | Felted Soaps | 100% Vegetable Based | Natural Soap | Get the most out of a bar of soap and ditch that plastic loofah; with felted soap, your soap lasts longer and is an eco-friendly way to cleanse. These super soft felted soaps are made with locally + ethically sourced, locally sourced Suffolk/Hampsire Wool … Continue reading Felted Soaps

Nature Treasure Jewelry

      Nature Treasure Necklaces | Hand Crafted with upcycled vintage jewelry | Scrap Fibers + Found Nature Treasures | These Nature Treasure Necklaces are all one of a kind. Made from a desire to use found Nature Treasures from collection, each one found on various journeys and adventures. Each treasure has a story and with the variety … Continue reading Nature Treasure Jewelry

Fiber Art Decor

     Fiber Art Decor |  Bohomenian Gypsy Style Wall Hanging | Made with upcycled + Reclaimed Materials | Place one of these great one of a kind piece inside or out for an earthy boho feel. Add a pop of stunning contrast with these unique upcycled fiber art wall hanging. These boho banners are made entirely from upcycled … Continue reading Fiber Art Decor

Sketch Books + Journals

Coptic Bound Blank Journals | Made reclaimed  books + paper from production waste Printing | Hand-Bound with waxed linen thread | While living in Portland, OR I was close to a printing press and was always stopping by for scraps and sometimes it would be a lot of scraps. Like stacks of scraps, perfectly cut square on all sides. … Continue reading Sketch Books + Journals

Wool Clutch

Woolly Clutch | Handmade from Locally Sourced Wool Roving | Wet Felted | Brown Envelope Style Purse | Natural Feel and Organic Look| This Woolly Clutch was made by wet felting raw roving sheered from two Oregon sheep. The layers of different natural brown wool create a unique texture and one of a kind pattern. Its … Continue reading Wool Clutch


Needle Felted Hair Pieces made from Upcycled Materials | Reclaimed Buttons + Thread | Scrap Fibers + Found Treasures | Each Hairclip is completely one of a kind and made entirely from upcycled and reclaimed materials. Simple to embellished, each detailed hair piece is always new favorite. Needle felted upcycled acrylic scarf with bright wool roving mixing nicely to contrast with the scrap fiber … Continue reading Hairclips

Other Upcycled Treasures

Materials inspire me to create. What started as upcycled hair clips has grown into embellished booties, hand stitched pouches and French Press Cozys made from upcycled wool sweaters. Always experimenting with loads of new ideas. Everything is one of a kind, so snatch it up if you see it in the shop.    Embellished Tiny Booties … Continue reading Other Upcycled Treasures

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