Upcycled Nature Jewelry


Nature Treasure Necklaces | Hand Crafted with upcycled vintage jewelry | Scrap Fibers + Found Nature Treasures |

These Nature Treasure Necklaces are all one of a kind. Made from a desire to use found natural elements, each collected from daily walks and mini adventures. Each treasure has a story and with the variety of charms per necklace, you find your own symbolizm and personal meaning for each piece. Here my love for nature meets upcycled vintage jewelry and the use of scrap fibers and production waste leather scraps.

My most recent collection features a variety of vintage charms both found, gifted and upcycled. Every natural element is removable for the perfect look every occasion. Some pieces offer more conversions than others, giving you a totally changeable look and endless of ways to wear. Pair with basics for an easy trendy look.

This collection in particular host a variety of found objects from antique wooden puzzle pieces to nature treasures such as shells, driftwood, trail sticks other items such as gifted feathers, earth treasures like minerals or tektites. All vary on design and are created from a blend of upcycled, vintage + 2nd generation jewelry. Most include a mix of metals and some are embellished with fibers such as scrap leather, upcycled fibers or reclaimed lace.

View the entire Jewelry collection here on Etsy.


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