One of a kind gifts, accessories & home goods from reworked materials + locally sourced wool

Our materialized culture and reliance on convenience is rapidly depleting our most precious natural resources, creating mind-numbing waste and polluting our planet. Shovel + Spade is my line of fiber based goods designed for sustainable living in today’s modern society. Consciously crafted with local wool + reclaimed materials, to combine color and beauty with function, creating simple and practical solutions for daily life.

Forever obsessed with container, the last seven years I’ve been perfecting my craft of creating a unique line of insulated drink-ware that fuses the ancient medium of felting with contemporary form. These items include the original Woolly Jar, the Woolly Travel Cup, the Woolly Coolly Beer + Wine Sleeve, plus a variety of secondhand cocktail and glassware. I work almost sculpturally, where each piece is hand formed in the round, from a mix of vibrantly dyed local wools, through the process of wet felting. This method pushes the traditional norm and allows for a perfect fit to seamlessly insulate all your favorite drinks.

Though society tries to paint our world grey and dull, we are strongly attached to color and color resonates with each of us differently. Wool readily accepts dye, allowing for deep, vibrant hues that subconsciously invoke joy and enriches each of our lives. The movement and fluidity of working in the round allows for color to dance and weave around each item creating organic lines and contrasting patterns on every piece.


Our ever popular Woolly Bars offer up a zerowaste, biodegradable, skincare alternative. Naturally antimicrobial, individually hand felted essential oil soaps, made with locally sourced wool, offered in a variety of exclusive scents. Our soap is locally hand crafted by Square One SoapWorks, who focus on truly natural skincare. Each scent is made in small batches with sustainable and organic ingredients, and pure essential oils.

Local, ethically sourced wool is the bulk of the fibers I source. Working with nearby sheep and fiber farmers allows me to experiment with a variety of wool types, and spread support throughout my local fiber community. I feel the wonderful, tactile feel of wool fibers, readily connects us to our region and our lands.

I work with two local mills for processing. One is located right on the Fox River, a fourth generation Woolen Mill, once powered by water. This full circle, local network of farm to fiber creates a sustaining micro-economy, and allows me to connect my customers to their community with consciously made products that provide comfort and function for daily life.


Mainly a zero waste studio in addition to wool, I also focus on the creative reuse of scraps, recycled textiles  and found natural elements. My desire to collect what’s discarded, to gather natural items and upcycle perfectly usable materials is expressed through a variety of mediums such as wearable accessories and colorful decor. This assemblage allows for a unique combination of materials and textures, one of a kind works of art. Eclectic accessories mix upcycled vintage with fibers and natural elements. Boho inspired wall pieces are made entirely from upcycled garments and reclaimed materials on local driftwood.

I believe the vitality of makets and fairs depends on the originality and uniqueness of the variety of artists selected. Currently, my work is not available in retail shops. Please check out my list of local Events to shop in person or view the variety of one of a kind items available in my online shop. Custom orders welcomed, with approximately 7-10 days turnaround. Inquire today or Shop Now 🌿


My Story

I’m an independent fiber and textile artist, based out of Milwaukee for the last five years. I received my BFA in printmaking and spent six years teaching its process, precision and craft to adult artists in the Portland area, specializing in creative monotype, monoprint and image transfer. After years of pushing paper, I began my reach into textiles, where I studied sustainable fashion and worked as a freelance surface designer. After working in a garment factory and experiencing holiday retail first hand, the excess of waste and production was overwhelming. I branched away from wearables to set out to create one of a kind, sustainably made items that were functional and practical for everyday life. I’ve always had this thing for glass and container, and wool just fell into the mix and happened to be a simple, sustainable alternative to many of life’s problems. It is my belief that small simple steps in our daily lives can greatly add up to an impactful change and everyday I’m grateful that my fibers can be part of that journey for so many. When I’m not working you can find me beach cleaning Lake Michigan!

Inquiries: shovelandspadecraft@gmail.com

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