One of a kind gifts, accessories + decor from reworked materials + ethically sourced wool. Artisan made items, crafted with conscience. Fusing fibers, salvaged items + natural elements with sustainability + everyday living.

Shovel + Spade ♻️
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Shovel and Spade is my line of fiber-based work that’s designed to combine functional use with one of a kind pieces, aimed towards sustainability.

For those that strive towards simple, slow living, Shovel + Spade is consciously created, with locally + ethically sourced materials, to provide beauty and function with a unique look, geared towards a more sustainable everyday life.

Artisan made, hand felted items include our Original Insulated Woolly Jars + Woolly Coolly Beer sleeves. Our Woolly Bars are hand felted, with locally sourced wool using locally made Square One SoapWorks, of the purest ingredients.

My desire to collect what’s discarded, to gather + upcycle allows assemblage and a unique combination of materials and textures which I express through a variety of mediums. Through this outlet my fiber art is wearable as accessories, a work of art as wall decor, and functional as an item for everyday use.

A lot of items can be custom ordered. Should similar materials or colors be at hand, your piece may resemble what you see, but given the nature of my materials, no item I create is duplicable. Everything is one of a kind. When gone, it’s gone, so snag it up when you see it!

There’s an amazing community of makers + shakers all on a journey towards a more sustainable life! So follow along!
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circlelogo1.5 Shovel + Spade was created out of a desire to fuse art and sustainability. With a background in printmaking, I love process and endless experimentation. Check back often or follow this page to see whats new in the studio. Thank you for supporting sustainable crafting.

Owner/Artist | Audrey

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