Woolly Coolly Cans



WOOLLY Can | HAND FELTED Can Beer Sleeve | 12OZ. + 16 oz + NEW Slim Cans

With the Woolly Can, you will definitely know which drink is yours! Made to form fit a standard 12oz. canned beverage, be that beer or soda. With the Woolly Can, your drink will stay super cold as wool is a natural insulator, giving you a cold sip down to the last drop and never a wet hand.

Most koozies are made of environmentally hazardous materials like neoprene or even worse foam. With the Woolly Can, you have a hand crafted beer sleeve made of all natural materials giving you a functional product, that is one of kind, and will last for years.


Wool is naturally antimicrobial and won’t allow bacteria or orders to linger. A resilient premium fiber that’s naturally resistant to stains and dirt, your Woolly Sleeve will last you years and requires very little care.

Washing Wool Sleeve:
•Handwash with COLD soapy water (I recommend clear liquid dish soap. **If you find the wool resisting the water use more soap till it glides smoothly in hand.
•Rinse, do not wring, and place back on can. Rinse again, gently squeezing out liquid until not soapy.
•Dry on can; air drying can generally take about 24 hrs.
*Spot clean any stains immediately with cold water (stain reference guide
*If you find you Woolly holding excessive moisture from condensation, simply remove beverage and wait for evaporation, this can take anywhere from 5 min. to an hour depending on climate and wetness.
*Over time certain wools may naturally start to “pill or fuzz” this is normal wear for most wools. Simply trim away any bits that bother you as you see them or lightly use a sweater shaver to remove pills if excessive.

Available on Etsy or for Custom Order. Allow one week for production of custom orders.

Shop Shovel + Spade on Etsy Click Here


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