Woolly Jars



Woolly Jar | Insulated Drink Jar | Widemouth Wool Felted Jar Sleeve  |16 oz. pints + 24 oz. tumblers

Take any beverage anywhere with the non-spill convenience of a canning jar and the protection and insulation of wool. Woolly Jar is a one of a kind, glass beverage vessel that insulates your favorite hot + cold beverages naturally. Whether you live life on the go or appreciate slow living, Woolly Jar is a unique + sustainable, plastic-free solution made to simplify your everyday life.

Mason jars seal airtight so you can throw Woolly Jar in you favorite bag or purse without it spilling or making a mess as you rush off to work, try to catch your plane or juggle the dog and kids. Best is, once you’re at your destination, your beverage is at ideal temperature and you have easy drinking from the pureness of glass.

Woolly Jar will keep ice for hours, insulating any cold beverage, and not dilute your drinks. Woolly Jar will keep your coffee and tea piping hot, you will continually find yourself reaching for it again and again. Customer’s reviews consistently use the word LOVE & EVERYDAY!

– D E T A I L S –
Artisan hand crafted, with locally sourced wool + a blend of mixed fibers, each Woolly Jar has its own individual, marbled mountain look, giving you a functional piece of art for your everyday life.

Woolly Jar gives you total protection, covering both the bottom and sides of the jar with a seamless, one of a kind, felted wool design, form fitted to perfectly encase a 16 oz. (pint size) widemouth Ball or Kerr Mason canning jar.

Made with a durable wool blend, in a dark espresso brown color to match your rugged lifestyle or everyday coffee addiction. Naturally resistant to stains and dirt, your Woolly Jar will last you years and requires very little care.

– C A R E –

Wool is naturally antimicrobial and won’t allow bacteria or orders to linger. A resilient premium fiber that’s naturally resistant to stains and dirt, your Woolly Sleeve will last you years and requires very little care. Jars are dishwasher safe, remove sleeve prior to washing. Wash glasswear more frequently than wool sleeve. 😉

Washing Wool Sleeve:
•Remove sleeve from jar, and handwash with COLD soapy water (I recommend clear liquid dish soap. **If you find the wool resisting the water use more soap till it glides smoothly in hand.
•Rinse, do not wring, and place back on glass. Rinse again, gently squeezing out liquid until not soapy.
•Dry on Jar; air drying can generally take about 24 hrs.
*Spot clean any stains immediately with cold water (stain reference guide *Spot clean stains immediately with cold water (stain reference guide here
*If you find you Woolly holding excessive moisture from condensation, simply remove beverage and wait for evaporation, this can take anywhere from 5 min. to an hour depending on climate and wetness.
*Over time certain wools may naturally start to “pill or fuzz” this is normal wear for most wools. Simply trim away any bits that bother you as you see them or lightly use a sweater shaver to remove pills if excessive.

*Pair with your favorite jarccessory lids for a perfect beverage tumbler.

Available in 16 oz. + 24 oz. + 32 oz.

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2 thoughts on “Woolly Jars

  1. Katie donnellan says:

    These things are amazing!! My tea was piping hot over two hours after I’d brewed it and put it in the mason jar. Literally can’t recommend this thing enough. And they’re cute to boot 😉


  2. Tonya Kness says:

    I love my wooly jar so much. I use it almost every day. I get so many compliments on it. My friends all want one too, so I had to start gifting them. The only problem is I don’t want to want to give it away when I get it.


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