Fiber Art Decor


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Fiber Art Decor |  Bohomenian Gypsy Style Wall Hanging | Made with upcycled + Reclaimed Materials |

Place one of these great one of a kind piece inside or out for an earthy boho feel. Add a pop of stunning contrast with these unique upcycled fiber art wall hanging. These boho banners are made entirely from upcycled garments + reclaimed items, for a true tattered gypsy style + sustainable gift. Hang behind a crib in a new nursery or place over a bed or couch for a true conversation piece. Great for an outdoor party or wedding as the fabric streamers are free to blow and twist with the breeze, adding light and airy, enchanted feel and magical vibe.

There are tons of READY TO SHIP, one of a kind pieces in the shop. Custom orders are available for specific colors + size. Each fiber art fabric streamer decor piece is one of a kind, made entirely from upcycled garments, scrap fibers and reclaimed ribbons, recycled yarns and thread. All individually knotted to found driftwood. Should similar colors and fabrics be available, your piece will resemble those pictured but not look identical.

Shop Shovel + Spade Boho Collection on Etsy Click Here



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