Wool Clutch

Hand Felted from Raw Sheep Fibers

Hand Felted from Raw Sheep Fibers


Woolly Clutch | Handmade from Locally Sourced Wool Roving | Wet Felted | Brown Envelope Style Purse | Natural Feel and Organic Look|

This Woolly Clutch was made by wet felting raw roving sheered from two Oregon sheep. The layers of different natural brown wool create a unique texture and one of a kind pattern. Its natural deckled edge give it a raw, natural and organic look.

This bag is very versatile and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear and spills. Take this bag with the necessities for quick grocery runs or throw it into your carry-on when you travel. Its a perfect insert for keeping track of small items in a favorite purse or large bag. You can even fit a pen and small sketch book inside or use it cushion and protect a tablet or notebook.

Hold a variety of items in this one of a kind bag and it will be sure to be a conversation starter.

Measures 7″ tall by about 9.5″ wide. Opens to about a foot, does not have any closure or straps. Fits very comfortably under your arm. Cleans easily with damp rag.

Available on Etsy Click Here


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