Sketch Books + Journals

Coptic Bound Blank Journals | Made reclaimed  books + paper from production waste Printing | Hand-Bound with waxed linen thread |

While living in Portland, OR I was close to a printing press and was always stopping by for scraps and sometimes it would be a lot of scraps. Like stacks of scraps, perfectly cut square on all sides. It made the most sense to fit the book to the paper, so I hunted for the perfect size, useless book and found a plethora of readers digest with the best patterned covers. I bought just a couple to make sure they fit the paper first and long behold trim off the excess from the spine create the perfect size carry all sketch book.

Use this as a journal or sketch book as the pages are blank and the size is perfect for travel and note taking. Measures about 4 inches wide by nearly 7.5 in tall.

Shop the Collection of available journal here

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